About weeklyblondie

Well, after spending about 95% of my day reading fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs I was finally inspired by Ms. Nikki Mikolich to start my own little thing.  There was MUCH to-do about this because, lets be honest, I hardly like to talk about myself on the reg, so how could I do it in a blog… like, every day.

SO, after pulling inspiration from several of my favorite blogs, I decided a daily theme would fit just right. Without further adieu, I bring you the official weeklyblondie schedule:

*Wishlist Monday: After spending the entire weekend as most girls do, shopping online and drooling over things they can’t have, I’ll compile a list of my current wants, but nothing I really need… although, who can really tell the difference.

*Tuesday Tip: Whether it’s beauty or fashion or just random life musings, this is the day where I’ll give my insight (or carefully reviewed outside help) about something I think we ALL could use a little improving upon.

*Inspiration Wednesday: Because the middle of the week is where life always takes a nosedive.  From now on, “hump day” will be nothing but a pebble on the ground to overcome!

*Thursday Fat-day: I. LOVE. FOOD. There, I said it. Deep down inside there’s a little fat kid inside of me trying to get out.  This day will be dedicated to whatever I think looks appetizing at the moment… or a few things… whatever the day brings.

*Fashion Friday: It won’t always be me, because I really don’t think I dress as well as people say I do, but this day will be dedicated to all things fashionable and fabulous.

I’d love to say I’ll post on weekends, but theoretically that won’t happen.  My weekends are me time, and I value it to no extent.  So, if you get a post on a Saturday or Sunday consider yourselves lucky!


xo – blondie


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