Tuesday Tip

Finding a big kid job can be tremendously stressful and off-putting. Trust me, I NEVER thought I would land such an amazing job as my first career out of college.

The number one thing I learned during this search that I’m going to pass on to you is not something they’ll tell you in any book or website explaining “how to get a job”.

The right job is going to land in your lap when it’s meant to be. Yes. I’m not kidding. I sat at home day after day since January applying for every job under the sun. I applied for over 250 jobs and only had 3 interviews that never lead anywhere. Just when I decided to leave it up to fate, I got a job. I applied and got the job within two weeks. So, be persistent, never give up, always be yourself and just know that what’s meant to be will always find a way!

xo – blondie


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