Fashion Friday

Fashion wouldn’t be anywhere without the people behind it.  I was immediately reminded of that the other day when I stumbled upon this genius BuzzFeed article about the wonderful, amazing, Bergdorf personal shopper, Betty Halbreich.  “Since 1978, Halbreich, 70, has been helping women wrestle with their vanity, insecurity, self-esteem, and compulsiveness in her office, called Solutions, at Bergdorf Goodman” (New York Mag).  Being at the business for that long makes Betty basically a fashion goddess in my eyes and should be taken seriously when it comes to what to wear and how to wear what best.  



Let’s just say I’m dying for the day that I can afford her services because she’s got it all together and seems to share my philosophy on how one should dress.  All of this, plus the fact that she’s absolutely stunning at 70, is why I’ve chosen to feature this woman on my Fashion Friday post! 🙂


xo – blondie




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