Tuesday Tip

The dog days of summer are upon us.  You know what this means? Humidity.  One thing I cannot stand is humidity.  However, I live in Ohio and it’s basically warranted that every day will come with a small dose of humidity.  So, how do I deal with it?  I’ve got a few products in my arsenal that make sure my ‘do’ stays fab from sun up to sun down.  I’m a firm believer that your best bet against humidity is starting at the beginning.  



Living Proof Prime Style Extender is like a little hair miracle in a bottle.  Living Proof makes lots of products that change the way your hair behaves, and I firmly believe they work.  And hey, any beauty product Jennifer Aniston endorses (and is part co-owner of the company), is obviously something I’ll go for.  Anywho, this product DRAMATICALLY extends the life of your style.  Just put a little on your damp, clean hair from root to tip and you’re set. 

Any styling spray that you use should be one that is either anti-humitiy or anti-frizz.  I, again, recommend Living Proof Straight Spray or Kenra Platinum Hot Spray.  Both are long lasting and leave your hair looking shiny and healthy.





As far as a finishing hair spray goes, I use Garnier Fructis!  This spray really does it’s job.  The bamboo extract controls frizz, smells great and beats that heat!  If you have issues with your hair falling from the humidity, I suggest the volumizing edition, if not you want to keep it light with the hair spray.  Even the ‘extra strong’ provides a flexible hold that won’t get sticky because of the heat!



I’m convinced there really is no way to make your hair 100% humidity proof, but these products can definitely help your cause.  If it’s just unbearable outside, I highly recommend a cute stylish pony or even loose waves that will still look good if they frizz a little or fall!


xo – blondie


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