Wishlist Monday

Traveling the world has long been a dream of mine that just hasn’t had the opportunity to come true.  This world has so many amazing things in it, and one day I would love to see it all.  I’ve always been a curious being, so my desire to discover new things and explore is basically second nature.  Today, my wishlist is a few places I would love to visit!


1. Paris – I want to do everything here.  Be it touristy or not, I just want to immerse myself in the culture of this glorious city.



2. Italy – If you look at my Pinterest board of “lovely places” (aka places I want to go) you will see that 95% of them are in Italy.  So, basically I really just need to live there for a while to get my fix! 





3. Australia – This trip has been a dream of mine forever. 



4. India – I’m sure there are a million things to do in Inda, but the one thing I have always wanted to see was the Taj Mahal.



5. Ireland – Kissing the Blarney Stone, cruising through the gorgeous countryside, you name it I want to do it!



6. Alaska/Canada – Why? To see the Northern Lights.  Ever since I watched Balto for the first time, I’ve wanted to see them for myself!



7. Bahamas – To see the beauty of this area and mostly, just go to The Atlantis Resort.  I don’t care how corny, cheesy, or touristy it is… I want to go!



8. Greece – Act like I even need to tell you why I want to go here.



9. Poland – To see where my family came from.



10.  Well, this one is a little different.  For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE museums and any sort of historical nonsense.  Really, I’m obsessed and it’s kinda nerdy but I don’t even care.  Although they may overlap some listed above, I would like to go to any of these museums/galleries


xo – blondie


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