Thursday Fat-Day

Well, needless to say this Thursday Fat-Day is coming to you a day late. But, for good reason. Sit down while I tell you all a tale of epic proportion.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lauren and she loved herself a good California roll. But Lauren was tired of always having to go to the grocery store or to an Eastern restaurant to obtain these little rolls of deliciousness. So, she set out on the adventure of a lifetime to make her own. After all, it’s JUST a bunch of veggies rolled up into some seaweed! Well, Lauren couldn’t be more wrong. She fought her way through the perils of the grocery store meticulously picking each vegetable for optimum ripeness and freshness. She boiled the rice to perfection and began assembling her creation. Only to end up with something that looked like this…


Yeah. So instead of eating those BEAUTIFUL homemade rolls she worked so hard on, Lauren was forced to return to the grocery store and purchase a premade roll for $7.99 (obviously she upgraded to the one with the yum yum sauce and crumbles on top at this point. A little gift for trying so hard).

Moral of the story, I have no recipe for today as my attempts epically failed to bring you something from my own kitchen. Next week, I promise to leave it up to the professionals!

xo – blondie


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