Tuesday Tip

Big. Bright. Eyes.  A timeless look that is ALWAYS in style.  Anyone who knows me understands that I simply cannot leave the house without AT LEAST applying a little bit of mascara.  There’s just something about having big fluffy lashes that puts an extra pep in your step.  People are constantly asking me how I get my eye lashes to look like they do, and I’m ready to share that secret with you.  I’ve got three secret weapons in my makeup arsenal that I rotate depending on the look I want to attain.



Revlon Lash Potion is like my little rockstar.  This mascara offers full, plump lashes without overloading them.  This little guy offers clump free (not as good as clump crusher) volume which is optimal for everyday wear.  It also lengthens your lashes for big bright eyes that are impossible to ignore.




Clump Crusher.  Let me tell you, you could apply 50 coats of this stuff and you will NEVER see a clump in your lashes.  I use this magic in a bottle for those times when I just need to run out for a little bit and don’t have time to apply all my makeup.  It doesn’t look like you’re wearing mascara but offers that lift and volume for a “natural eye” look.  I’ve had a MEGA crush on this product for a long time.  Kudos, CG, you really know how to set a sister up for killer eyes. 




And last, but certainly not least, the L’Oréal Power Volume mascara.  When they say 24 hours, they really mean it.  I’ve worn this stuff through tears, swimming, and even the deepest sleeping and it looks like I just put it on!  Your lashes will go from dull to dramatic with one sweep of the wand.  I like wearing this mascara when I really want dramatic eyes, like when I’m going out with friends or when I know I need to count on my mascara to last.


No matter which mascara you choose, I always recommend going with a waterproof one.  Even if you’re not about to jump in a pool or cry about Titanic for the 35th time (just me? oh. okay well…) there are forces of nature out there that can be detrimental to any look.  The sun makes your eyes water, so does wind, and even a chilly day.  I don’t know about you, but the runny raccoon eye is NOT something on my list of things to accomplish!  Looking for a new mascara? I HIGHLY recommend any of my three favorites above!


xo – blondie


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