Wishlist Monday

After an exceptional weekend, I’m feeling rested and recharged and ready to take on this week.  Wedding season is upon us which means that wedding showers are layered on thick. With all of this going on, I have been carefully assembling a list of things that I want in my future abode.  My wishlist today doesn’t come with a bunch of fabulous designer outfits, but some things from two of my favorite home stores, Crate & Barrel and (although you may not picture it so) Anthropologie. 



What’s included: 1. Anthropologie Mathilde chair in Pixie; 2. Anthropologie Hieroglyph frame; 3. Crate & Barrel Jodie Richter Orange Poppy Print; 4. Crate & Barrel Homemade cookie jar; 5. Crate & Barrel Rosette Napkin Ring; 6. Anthropologie Curvy Crysanthemum vase; 7. Anthropologie Orimono pillow in flower; 8. Crate & Barrel Ventana natural picnic basket; 9. Crate & Barrel Silvia ball pendant lamp


xo – blondie




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