Inspiration Wednesday


Today, although it’s absolutely beautiful outside, I’ve been feeling less than inspired.  So, how could I possibly write about something that I’m not experiencing myself?  Usually when I write an inspiration post for Wednesday, it’s something that pertains to my life at the moment, but obviously if I’m not feeling inspired, nothing like that exists.  What’s a girl to do?  Then I started thinking about people.  Go with me on this one…

Every day, we interact with so many different people and while I think that rain is the most beautiful thing on the planet, some people genuinely HATE the rain!  We’re all inspired by different things and that’s the stuff that makes us special.  So, I asked some of my friends what inspires them.  A question that is a lot harder than one would think, and I purposely didn’t offer a lot of guidance so I could get the purest, most honest answer of what inspires them.

My friend Amber finds inspiration from a plethora of places, in life Amber turns to her faith.  When she’s running, she just focuses on eating a juicy cheeseburger when she’s done.  Alex is inspired by those around him, he always wants to put his best self out there for the world to see.  Brenna and Mattie are inspired by the power of their dreams, both achieving them and watching their friends achieve them… reaching their full potential.  My big, Jamie, finds her little kick from knowing tomorrow is another day.  Paige finds her inspiration from her dad and her friends.  She is compelled by their hard work and holds herself to a higher standard because of it.  Similar to Paige, Stephanie finds her passion from other peoples passion and motivation (classic Ceez, a people person).  So many Stephanies in my life… My blondie twinnie Steph finds her inspiration from her mom.  Khalid likes his inspiration in the simplest form, he feels lucky to be alive!  Jen is inspired by following in her friends and families footsteps as they succeed.  Dez is inspired by Pinterest (aren’t we all, girlfriend).  Mary wants to become more than she already is.  And Nikki, she finds inspiration in music, a walk outside, her close friends (aka a group message between me, Dez and Leanne) and her husband Jim (cute, cute, gush gush – really they’re like my favorite couple).

All of this got me thinking and I wanted to give a little list of things that I never knew inspired me, but they keep me going on a daily basis.  My coworkers.  My family.  My amazing friends.  The sunshine.  A silly song.  Children.  Pretty flowers.  A slow drive on a beautiful day.  A really great manicure.  A good haircut.  Shopping.  Books.  Really, it’s the simple things that keep me going and put a pep in my step.

Hopefully you can find some sort of inspiration from all of these people who continually inspire me.  Because sometimes a cheesy quote just isn’t enough, sometimes it takes a step back to the basics.

xo – blondie


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