Tuesday Tip

As promised today, I’m going to share with you my new absolute favorite addition to my nail polish collection.  Introducing: essie first base & good to go base and top coats.  These polishes are available wherever you can find essie products.  I had always overlooked them before but when the time came that I needed something new, I decided to give it a try.  Let me tell you, I’ve had the same polish on for four days now without chips.  That’s saying a lot considering those four days have been filled with crafting, cleaning, and work (at Build-a-Bear Workshop, the least nail friendly place on the planet).  



Yes folks, those aren’t freshly painted nails, they have been beat on for four days and are still holding strong.  AMAZING RIGHT?!  Call me a nail nerd but I’m so excited about my recent purchases.  The best part, they’re super shiny and I’ve been getting compliments on them and people want to know who my manicurist is ASAP.  Check out my secret weapons:



First base; base coat… this little miracle in a bottle is great.  It has rubber adhesives in the polish that bond the color to your nails, which sounds like it would be a pain to get off when you want it off? Nope!  It comes off when you need it to with a little nail polish remover.  The adhesive/primer creates a nice smooth canvas for your polish to glide on over.

Good to go; top coat…  Once you’ve applied your two coats of color, lay on some of this!  This little guy has rapid dry action so it dries quick and makes your nails super shiny, and its a shine that LASTS!


So, today’s tip basically is to run out to the store ASAP and invest in these babes because I promise you will NOT be disappointed!


xo – blondie


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