Wishlist Monday

Wishlist Monday

I’m a sucker for great nails… and even more, I’m a sucker for great nail polish. Like, we’re talking one nail chips, and everything comes off for repolishing. My usual comfort zone falls in the pinks/reds/corals family, but that doesn’t stop me from having major color crushes on some wild card delights. Today, I’m wishing for nail polish… Like my collection isn’t big enough, but I’m bored with them all. Here are my crush worthy colors that I either currently adore, wish I could pull off, or plan on buying in the very near future!

Featured: 1. essie: the more the merrier; 2. essie: watermelon; 3. essie: full steam ahead; 4. essie: cute as a button; 5. first timer; 6. essie: fiji; 7. OPI: Big Apple Red; 8. OPI: Brisbane Bronze; 9. OPI: If You Moust, You Moust; 10. OPI: Road House Blues; 11. OPI: The “IT” Color; 12. OPI: Diva Of Geneva

As you can see, I totally dig essie and OPI. These polishes are not only witty with names (which is extra points in my book) but they are quality polishes. Paired with the right base and top coat (hem, hem, check out my Tuesday Tip for the most amazing ones EVER) and these brands will stay forever! I’m also a huge fan of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line, as those have the tendency to remain perfect for extended periods of time as well.

With the right manicure, I’m a firm believer that you can take over the world.

Until tomorrow,

xo – blondie


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