Thursday Fat-Day

Thursday Fat-Day

I don’t know about you guys, but my brain is already in summer. Dress weather is finally upon us (or at least for the day), and you had better believe that this blondie is taking advantage of it! One thing I absolutely love about summer is campfires. No, I don’t love the aftermath when your hair and clothing smells like fire for a week straight, but sitting around a fire roasting, roasting marshmallows, chatting with friends, it’s like heaven in my book!

So, this week’s Thursday recipe is a little twist on the classic campfire s’more. All you need to make this little dream a reality is:

– strawberries
– marshmallow fluff
– roasting stick

Dip your strawberry in marshmallow fluff, and then just like if you were toasting a marshmallow, put the whole strawberry on whatever you’re using to roast! Super simple, and I’m guessing super delicious.

Enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts, dear readers!!

xo – blondie


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