Tuesday Tip

Ah, what a wonderful Tuesday!  Why you may ask (as many of you are experiencing rainy, cloudy weather)?  Because I’m getting my hair done today.  There is nothing I like better than a little me time at the salon, keeping my blonde tresses in tip top shape!  So, I figured what a more perfect fit than to include a few tips for color treated hair today!

1) When changing shades, try to stick closer to your current color & do a few colorings than do one big leap of faith.  Why?  Too big of a jump, say from brown to blonde which requires bleaching, can cause your hair to become more porous and can cause it to fade faster!

2) This round of highlights, I was really pushing it with the roots and WISH I would have read this tip from Woman’s Day magazine… when trying to cover roots, simply zigzag your part.  Not only does it camouflage your roots, but its a fun way to change up your look!

3) Wash your hair less!  Not only are you not supposed to wash those locks as soon as you get home (you HAVE to allow time for the color to set), but less washing means less opening of the hair strands, and less fade allowance!

4) Turn down the temperature of your shower!  The hotter the shower, the more damage to your hair.  It can dry out, break, you name it in too hot to handle water!  Instead, opt for water that is slightly warmer than body temperature.

You may have heard these lessons before but it definitely never hurts to hear them again when it comes to the basics of haircare!  As for me, I’m off to the salon, ta-ta my loves!

xo – blondie


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