Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today’s fashion friday is inspired by the outfit I wore on Tuesday of this week. I apologize majorly for the horrible mirror selfie, but hey its what we have to work with.

Anyway, this item of clothing seems to be a little tricky for people whether they know it or not. The fur vest. Yes, there are ways to wear it and ways NOT to wear it. As you can see in my selfie, I kept it simple with jeans and a nude pair of flats. My shirt has a small detail on it that gives it a feminine touch.

I am not a big fan of belting vests.  I am in no way a size zero Barbie doll, so belting it only makes me look like a furry marshmallow.  Accentuating all the wrong areas is ALL belting does for me.  If you can pull it off, go for it.  If not, stay away from the belt and just leave it be.

A fur vest is something I definitely recommend adding to your wardrobe.

Until next time, loves.

xo – blondie


where are her clothes from?! Vest: Zara Girls, Blouse: The Limited, Jeans: The Limited, Shoes: Macys


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