Tuesday Tip

If you’re anything like me, you have annoying little baby hairs around your face.  These baby hairs can be DETRIMENTAL to any slick, chic look you’re trying to pull off – like my favorite, the sock bun.  Being the slight drama queen that I am, I had basically banished all hairstyles like this from my repertoire because they never looked just right with those little hairs.

I then heard wind of a little beauty tip that could allow me to pull off those looks WITHOUT baby hairs… but, would it work?  Of course, I had to put it through scrupulous testing and, my loves, its time to say goodbye to those babies (literally) because our prayers have been answered.

Say hello to my little friend, the travel size toothbrush. *GASP* Yes, I said it… You’re going to put a toothbrush through your hair.  Basically all you have to do is get your style in place, then spray a little hairspray on the head of the toothbrush and smooth out the fly aways around your hairline! It works better than a comb, AND can be used on the go!

I hope it works for you all like it did for me, because let me tell you, my top knot has never looked better!

Until next time, keep it fabulous.

xo- blondie


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